BOYU S-4000B Air Pump
BOYU S 4000 B 4 Way Aquarium Air Pump S-4000B
June 1, 2022
JPD Kingyo ZEN Gain Weight and Color Enhancing
JPD KINGYO ZEN Gain Weight and Colour Enhancing Gold Fish Floating Pellet
August 31, 2022
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JPD KINGYO ZEN COLOR ENHANCING Goldfish Floating Pellet Food


  • JPD Kingyo Zen Color Enhancing product contains ß-Glucan and Torula yeast, which help Goldfish maintain their immune systems and grow healthy. Astaxanthin, a natural color-enhancing ingredient, is present. The good bacteria TOYOSERIN contained in this product aids digestion, and after evacuation with faces, the sewage piled on the filter is resolved, and the water quality is stabilized. This product contains paprika extract and phaffia yeast, both of which contain high concentrations of natural astaxanthin and zeaxanthin and will produce a beautiful red color.


Fish meal, Wheat flour, Starch, Soy sauce gluten, Corn gluten meal, Rice gluten meal, Animal fats and oils, Collagen peptide, Paprika extract, Citric acid, Wood vinegar glutinous bark, Salt, Phaffia yeast, Torula yeast, Toyoceros, black yeast -Glucan, astaxanthin, vitamins, minerals


Crude Protein —————————– 32.0% Min
Crude Fat ——————————— 5.0% Min
Crude Fiber ——————————- 3.0% Max
ASH ————————————– 13.0% Max
Moisture ———————————- 10.0% Max
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220g, 70g

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