NTLABS Narrow PH Test
NTLABS Aquarium Narrow pH Test
March 27, 2021
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NTLABS Aquarium Hardness Test GHKH
March 27, 2021
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NTLABS Aquarium Broad pH Test


pH is a way of measuring whether aquarium water is acidic or basic (alkaline). It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 0 to 7 considered acidic and 7 to 14 considered basic or alkaline. … Check your aquarium water’s pH regularly to keep your fish, plants and other creatures healthy and happy.

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What is pH?
The new Broad Range pH Test is for testing water within the pH range of 6 – 9. This pH test now covers the pH range more likely observed in your aquarium and also offers improved precision with 0.5 unit determination.

What is the correct pH level?
There is no definitive correct pH as different fish species have their preferred pH range. Generally, the ideal pH value will lie between 7 and 8, but there are some exceptions. When purchasing fish from your local aquatic retailer, always enquire as to the specific water requirements of the fish you are buying.

What do I do if the level is wrong?
If you do need to adjust the pH of your aquarium, it is vital to do this slowly to not shock the fish. Change no more than 0.5 pH units per 2 days. Providing your tap water is of suitable pH, substantial water changes can correct a dangerous pH level. It is also important to check the KH of the aquarium. Use of pH adjusters, such as KH Up – pH Stabiliser will raise the pH caused by soft or aged water. For fish that live in soft, acid water use bogwood to gently lower the pH and soften the water.

How to use?

Ensure the test tube is clean.
Take a 5ml sample of water into the test tube.
Add 5 drops of the pH reagent; replace the test tube cap and shake thoroughly.
Compare the colour of your sample to the colour scale provided.

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