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SUNSUN JDP-10000 Aquarium Submersible Water Pump


Multi-function intelligent control panel, adjustable flow and power Super silence, both in fresh and sea water pump


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SUBMERSIBLE or EXTERNAL: Suitable for AMPHIBIOUS USE, can operate in Marine and Fresh Water Make sure to POUR WATER into the pump before EXTERNAL USE SMART CONTROLLER: 99 Adjustable Speed & 10 min pause feed mode; memory function can keep the same setting after every restart

Model JDG 10000
Voltage: DC-24V
Adjust Position: 1, Power: 20W, Q.max: 6000l/h H.max: 2.2m
Adjust Position: 2, Power: 40W, Q.max:7500l/h H.max: 3.5m
Adjust Position: 3, Power: 60W, Q.max:8500l/h H.max: 4.4m
Adjust Position: 4, Power: 80W, Q.max: 9400l/h H.max: 5.2m
Adjust Position: 5, Power: 100W, Q.max: 10000l/h H.max: 5.8m

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