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We are here to help! Everyone who works at Isuru Aquarium is passionate about fish keeping and in return we want to share our passion with you all...! We ensure customers buy with confidence and we have proven this in our reviews & testimonials.

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Fish medicine is used to treat tropical fish diseases. Tropical fish diseases can be caused by bacteria, fungus or by parasites. Commonly seen tropical fish diseases are Septicemia, Cotton Disease, Dropsy, Fin Rot, Ich, Swim bladder Infection, Pop Eye, Hole in the Head etc. Tropical fish medicine includes Antibiotics, Anti-fungals, Anti-parasitics, etc.

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Looking for the best bird food to keep your feathered friends healthy and happy

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  • Tharanga Wanasinghe
    good customer service, good communication with buyers & product recommendation. I brought immersible pump for my pond .. I received items within 1 day.You can trust him 100%. All items are Reasonable price.
    Tharanga Wanasinghe
  • Athula Basnayake
    I highly recommend Isuru Aquarium.Because I got my oder within 24 hours and best customer service.First time I saw that kind of fast service in sir lanka.
    Athula Basnayake
  • Charith Siri Wardena
    the best seller I had ever seen. He does the best to the customer and good are in best quality for a very reasonable price. Everything aquarium products under one roof.best seller in sri lanka. Highly recommend.
    Charith Siri Wardena
  • N Jayamaha
    This aquarium store is simply super cool with full of branded products.... Above all the knowledgeable and professional ownership makes you feel so confident in what you are buying from them. This isn't just a another aquarium that sells outdated products or services. They have all the very latest models and equipment in the industry to fulfill your aquarium needs. Last but not least have to mention the less than 24 hours super fast island wide delivery service ( from products to live fish) they offer to save your precious money and time on the road. I highly recommended this aquarium shop for any kind of your aquarium needs.
    N Jayamaha
  • JPD Japan Pet Design Koi Fish feed
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