SUNSUN CPF 30000 UV Bio Pressure Pond Filter
SUNSUN CPF 30000 UV Bio Pressure Pond Filter
July 22, 2023
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AZOO Carbon Plus 120 ml
July 28, 2023
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Model: CUV-236
UV-C: 36 W
Capacity: 45000 liters
Through Flow: 6000

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Experience Pristine Pond Water with the SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier. Welcome to the world of crystal-clear pond water with the SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier. Designed to protect your beloved fish and plants while ensuring a clean and healthy environment, this powerful 36 Watt clarifier offers an effective solution for maintaining optimal water conditions. Say goodbye to harmful germs, unsightly algae, and the need for chemical additives as you enjoy the benefits of this exceptional UV-C clarifier.

  • Protects your fish and plants against germs:
    With the SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier, you can safeguard your aquatic companions from harmful germs and pathogens. Equipped with advanced ultraviolet technology, this clarifier destroys the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, effectively preventing diseases and infections. Your fish and plants will thrive in a healthier and safer pond environment.
  • Provides algae-free clear water:
    Bid farewell to the never-ending battle against unwanted algae blooms. The SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier acts as a natural and efficient algae control solution. As water passes through the clarifier, the powerful UV-C light disrupts the reproductive cycle of algae, preventing their growth and ensuring a clear and visually appealing pond. Say hello to pristine water that showcases the beauty of your aquatic ecosystem.
  • Purifies pond water without the addition of chemicals:
    Are you tired of relying on chemicals to maintain water clarity? The SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier offers a chemical-free approach to water purification. Unlike traditional methods that involve the use of potentially harmful substances, this clarifier utilizes UV-C light to purify the water. This natural process eliminates the need for chemical additives, allowing you to provide a healthier and safer habitat for your aquatic life.

Incorporating the SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier into your pond ecosystem will revolutionize your water quality management. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fish and plants are protected against germs. Revel in the beauty of algae-free, crystal-clear water that showcases the true splendor of your pond. Embrace the natural purification process that eliminates the use of chemicals. Upgrade your pond experience with the SUNSUN CUV 236 UV-C Clarifier and discover a whole new level of aquatic enjoyment.

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