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YEE YES 200B AC / DC Auto Aquarium Rechargeable Air Pump


  • Auto-switch to battery mode when there is no electricity
  • 4800 mA lithium-ion battery for longer performance
  • 36 hours of continuous working when there is no electricity and if you choose an energy-efficient mode, it will last 70 hours
  • 3W low-power energy-serving air pump
  • 2 separate air outputs
  • Output: 3 l/h * 2

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Discover the pinnacle of aquarium aeration with the YEE AC/DC Aquarium Air Pump, an innovative solution designed to keep your aquatic environment thriving, even during power outages. Boasting cutting-edge features, this air pump ensures continuous oxygenation with its auto-switch to battery mode, powered by a robust 4800 mA lithium-ion battery.

Auto Switch to Battery Mode:
Never compromise on the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants. The YEE AC/DC Aquarium Air Pump seamlessly transitions to battery mode in the absence of electricity, ensuring uninterrupted oxygen supply for your aquarium.

Long-lasting Lithium-Ion Battery:
Equipped with a powerful 4800 mA Lithium-Ion battery, this air pump delivers extended performance. Enjoy up to 36 hours of continuous operation during power outages. Opt for the energy-efficient mode, and the pump will impressively last up to 70 hours, providing peace of mind and optimal care for your aquatic ecosystem.

Low Power Consumption:
The YEE AC/DC Aquarium Air Pump is designed with energy efficiency in mind. With only 3w of power consumption, it operates as a low-power device, minimizing electricity usage while maximizing performance.

Dual Air Outputs:
Enhance aeration in your aquarium with the convenience of two separate air outputs. This feature allows you to customize the distribution of oxygen, ensuring all corners of your tank receive optimal aeration.

Output Air 3 l/h * 2:
Experience efficient and consistent aeration with an output air capacity of 3 liters per hour for each of the two air outputs. This ensures that your aquarium receives an ample supply of oxygen to maintain a healthy and thriving aquatic environment.

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