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YEE YUS 036 / 037 Aquarium Quartz Glass Germicidal UV Lamp


The Germicidal YEE YUS 036 Aquarium Quartz Glass Germicidal UV Lamp is your trusted partner in creating and maintaining a pristine aquatic paradise. Its cutting-edge UV-C technology ensures the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants while providing you with clear and beautiful water.

YEE YUS 036 = 9 UV Power
YEE YUS 037 = 11 UV Power

or pay only රු 1,083.33 now with


Germicidal YEE YUS 036 / 037 Aquarium Quartz Glass Germicidal UV Lamp: Ensuring Crystal-Clear Water for Your Aquatic Paradise

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant aquarium is a top priority for every aquarist. To achieve this, you need more than just a great filter and quality water. The Germicidal YEE YUS 036 Aquarium Quartz Glass Germicidal UV Lamp is a game-changer in aquarium maintenance. In this article, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of this remarkable UV lamp, which is designed to create an ideal environment for your aquatic inhabitants.

Key Features of the Germicidal YEE YUS 036 / 037 Aquarium UV Lamp:

  • Quartz Glass Purity: Crafted from high-quality quartz glass, the YEE YUS 036 / 037 UV lamp ensures maximum UV-C penetration into the water. This translates to superior germicidal performance, effectively eliminating harmful microorganisms.
  • Advanced UV-C Technology: The lamp emits powerful UV-C radiation at the ideal wavelength (254nm), targeting and neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and algae. This not only keeps your water crystal-clear but also ensures the health of your fish and plants.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the YEE YUS 036/ 037 UV lamp in your aquarium is hassle-free. It’s designed for seamless integration into most filtration systems, making it a convenient addition to your setup.
  • Continuous Water Clarity: Say goodbye to green water caused by algae blooms. The YEE YUS 036 / 037 UV lamp provides continuous protection against algae, ensuring your aquarium water remains pristine.
  • Safe Operation: The lamp is designed with safety in mind. It features a protective quartz sleeve that prevents water from contacting the lamp directly, ensuring the safety of your aquatic friends.

Benefits of Using the YEE YUS 036 UV Lamp:

  • Healthy Aquatic Environment: With its efficient germicidal action, the YEE YUS 036 / 037 UV lamp reduces the risk of diseases and maintains a healthy aquatic ecosystem.
  • Clearer Water: Enjoy crystal-clear water that showcases the beauty of your fish and plants without the interference of algae or cloudy water.
  • Reduced Chemical Use: By preventing algae growth and maintaining water clarity, you’ll need fewer chemical additives, creating a more natural and sustainable environment.
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YEE YUS 036 9W, YEE YUS 037 11W

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